Video: Talia – Yo Perdí

‘Yo Perdí’ is a bilingual song of Talia’s homonym EP that mixes a range of Hispanic, electronic and pop elements. 

The debut music video, while somewhat abstract, is meant to illustrate a sense of longing and feeling lost. It was made by a talented crew of artists in New York.

Talia is a pop-fusion artist based out of Buenos Aires and New York City. She reminds us of other projects such as Quantic, Buscabulla, Empress Of or Tei Shi (not for her sound, but she resembles this new wave of talented artists on different Hispanic styles of production). From Spanglish lyrics to electro-pop and funk-fusion, her debut EP, ‘Talia’, released in 2012 (when she was only 17), features an eclectic conglomeration of pop melodies and lyrics that come together to represent an expression of dreams, struggles and wonders from this new rising star.

Video Directed by: Nora Chang, Talia & Justin Scholar · Video Produced by: Nora Chang · Dancers: Maya Ward & Catherine Geller.