• Murnau Den Linden - Founder of NHM - London, UK

    Graphic Artist, founder of New Hispanic Music, co-founder of Plástica Magazine, manager of all this stuff.

Into The Tropical Darkness

Feat. La Voz Del Sinchi by Bareto

  • Christian San Martin - Manager of Order/Disorder - London, UK

    Founder of Order/Disorder (London based collective that offers nights of live music, DJ sessions, art and illustration), Mr. San Martin feels a mad love for Space Disco and Chilean contemporary sounds.

Sonidos de Ultramar

Tan Gélido Que Quema

  • Manuel González-Molinier - Psychiatrist and Musician - Barcelona

    Manuel Gonzalez-Molinier is the singer and songwriter of the Spanish weird-pop band Hazte Lapón. He loves caustic humor, psychoanalytic interpretation of art and italian influences on contemporary music.

Tropicalismo Errado

Al Pie De La Letra

  • Alejandro Marejil - Musician - Madrid, Spain

    The soul and mind of Alberto Azul, one of the most brave and Latin bands of the Madrilian underground.

Friends of Hispanic Music

Madrid Underground

Give A Chance To Cumbia!

  • Alonso Murillo - Designer - San José, Costa Rica

    Alo Murillo is a graphic designer, photographer, cat lover and music geek from San José, Costa Rica. He is making a more bizarre human species since 1988.

Rainy Season Is Here!

Costa Rican Craft

Sounds Invading Costa Rica

  • Chase Harris - Musician - Houston, Texas

    Chase is a musician living in his hometown of Houston, Texas. He sings and plays guitar in Latin/ surf rock band Deep Cuts, and creates instrumental music as Amar a Muerte. 

Hispanic Music in Texas

Onda Nueva